Why Meistertask?

Out of several different Kanban-Boards I mostly like Meistertask for different reasons.


The company behind Meistertask is located in Vienna and Munic. That is the reason because i can get german support and staff works in the same time zone like me. From a legal point of view more important is the location of their servers. The Meistertask servers are hosted in a datacenter in Frankfurt/Main.


As soon as you understand the idea behind Kanban, it is pretty easy to work with. Cards are created very fast and you can add due dates or check lists to them. Also moving cards from “Backlog” to “Doing” is done in seconds if the status of a task changes.

Apps for all devices

Besides the good usability in your web browser you can get app for all mobile devices. Even for Windows Computers and Mac OS you will find appropriate desktop applications.


The virtual Kanban board makes a collaboration within projects possible even over large distances. So you can delegate tasks or take them over. Even two or more persons can be responsible for a single task.


If you have a payed account, you can automate many work tasks. You can let Meistertask mark a task as finished if it is moved into the “Done” section. Meistertask can also send messages (Mail, Slack, etc.) or you can set tags based on a specific ruleset.

Easy to switch

Meistertask makes it easy to switch from another sytem like Trello or Asana. Exisiting boards can migrated pretty easy.

Just give it a try: https://www.meistertask.com/pricing?r=448202