Voicemail Pro Service

Voicemail Pro Service

IP Office is a very powerful phone system that can be configured really flexible. You can say that Voicemail Pro is kind of a Swiss Army knife for IP Office.

With Voicemail Pro you are not only able to leave some messages. You can use it to make less or more complex routing decisions based on different parameters. You can also use it to change values within the IP Office configuration and you can even access databases.

As long as you want to just implement a simple menu it is done quickly. But as soon you want to get more out of Voicemail Pro you can spend hours or days to achieve your goals.

This is where my mission starts. I offer you to configure Voicemail pro for you as a turnkey solution. Let’s talk about your requirements and I will send you an offer. You don’t have to care about the next steps. I will do the whole configuration.